The Young Turks Live 1 11 17

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The Young Turks - Live Show 6pm-8pm Dst 1.5.17.MP3

The Young Turks - Live Inauguration Coverage!!.MP3

The Young Turks - Live Show 6pm-8pm 1.10.17.MP3

Mentally Disabled Man Beaten And Tortured Nsfw Video.MP3

Trump Already Claiming His Approval Ratings Are Rigged.MP3

Should Buzzfeed Have Published Golden Shower Trump Story?.MP3

Best Of The Young Turks Election Day Meltdown 2016: From Smug To Utterly Devastated..MP3

Baby Dies In Right-wing Sheriff's Jail.MP3

Tyt - 1.11.17: Trump’s Press Conference, Obamacare, Golden Shower, And Porn Trauma.MP3

Drug Warrior Mitch Mcconnell Tied To Millions In Cocaine.MP3

Healthcare Giant Threatens To Destroy Obamacare.MP3

Glenn Beck's Not Crazy, He’s Rich, Insists Whiny Beck Booster.MP3

War On Terror Is Costing You A Fortune.MP3

Americans Way Off On Guessing The Unemployment Rate Amazing Fact.MP3

"trumpified" Republican Platform: Less Porn More Wall.MP3